10 Free iPhone and Android Apps for Home Improvement

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Posted in Nationwide Window on March 21, 2012

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Home renovation can be difficult and expensive no matter what you are doing. While you can’t really reduce the cost of materials or the labor of installation; you can make life a little easier by using a free home improvement app.  A phone application can’t replace the services of a good contractor but it can get you started on your own. Here are the top ten free home improvement apps for iPhone and Android phones.


1.    HGTV To Go – Features full episodes of popular HGTV shows as well as helpful tips, videos, easy to do crafts and hundreds of slideshow images to help you find inspiration for your home improvement projects.  

Available for iPhone/Android

Benjamin Moore
2.    Benjamin Moore Color Capture – This is one of the best color apps available and its 100% free. If you are considering painting your home (or anything else for that matter) this app will allow you to snap a photo and then use a rich palette of Benjamin Moor paint colors to transform the colors in your home right from your phone.               

Available for iPhone/Android

3.    HOUZZ Interior Design Ideas - If you’re looking for interior design or home improvement inspiration, HOUZZ can help you. They have a catalogue of over 200,000 to inspire and motivate your projects. The app includes an idea book which allows you to store your favorite photos for easy access. Best of all, you can even use the photos on the app to show your contractor how you would like your home to look.             

Available for iPhone/Android

Sherman Williams
4.    Sherwin Williams Color Snap – This app is great if you have absolutely no idea what color to paint a wall, if you want to re-paint something and keep it the same color or want to find a color that blends well with your existing paint. Snap a photo of your wall and the Sherwin Williams Color Snap immediately finds matching swatches of paint for your consideration.                

Available for iPhone/Android

Home Depot
5.    Home Depot – The Home Depot is essential for any home improvement project; even if you’ve hired a contractor to do most of the work for you. The app allows you to search the Home Depot store inventory right from your phone for faster and easier shopping!

Available for iPhone/Android

iHandy Level
6.    iHandy Level –Have you ever tried hanging a picture frame or mirror or perhaps been installing shelving only to realize you had no way to make sure you were hanging it straight? This free app provides you with an instant digitally accurate leveling device that works in seconds.

Available for iPhone/Android

Carpet & Floor Calculator
7.    Carpet & Floor Calculator – If you’ve ever been in a store and realized you have no idea how much carpet or flooring you need then this app is for you. The application calculates in standard or metric measurements and squares the measurements based on the dimensions of each room.

Available Free for iPhone/ .99 cents for Android

Hardwood Flooring Design
8.    Hardwood Flooring Design – If you’re planning on installing flooring then you should definitely consider this app. All you have to do is snap a photo of your floor to preview what your new hardwood floor will look like. After all, a free app is easier than realizing you don’t really like the flooring very much after you’ve purchased and installed it.  

Available for iPhone

9.    Color Smart by BEHR – This app is great for not only finding paint that matches what you already have but for getting previews of what your room will look like with its new paint job.

Available for iPhone/Android

10.    tap4Renovations – At the end of the day if you’ve given up all hope of ever being able to finish your home improvement project yourself; this app will come in handy.  The app allows you to find contractors to do your home renovations for you with just a few easy taps.

Available for iPhone

Home improvement is a big decision and you need the results to be perfect. Applications can help you by providing tools to make it easier. However, if a project is too difficult for you to complete on your own, there are many low cost home contractors who can professionally remodel your home.

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