6 Tips for Choosing the Right Company Based on Online Reviews

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Nationwide Window on August 17, 2016

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We take our Nationwide Window and Siding reviews very seriously. We know that our customers want to know that our reviews are real and valid.

So how do you choose the right company based on a review site?

Use a trusted review site

There are scores of online review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and Trip Advisor. What you need to look for in a review site is one that is trustworthy and contains many reviews by trusted contributors. In many review sites, companies can pay to have their business recommended, or elevated up to the top of the rankings, where viewers may not be able to tell the difference between an advertisement and a real review.

Look for companies with multiple reviews

If we had only two Nationwide Windows reviews on a site, we wouldn’t blame you if you skipped over our business either! As they say, there is safety in numbers. It is better that you choose a 3 ½ star business with hundreds of reviews, than a 5-star business with just two reviews.

Always read some of the reviews, don’t just look at the star rating

You want to know what the customers are actually saying about the company, not just how many stars they’ve given. For instance, someone who received slow service at a restaurant may give just 1 star if they were very angry about it, even if the food was amazing. Digging into the comments will uncover so much more.

Look for reviewers that seem like they are similar to you

It’s likely that you’ll have the same opinion of a company as someone who is quite similar to you. Look at the way they’ve written their comments – does it sound like something that you would say? You might like to instill more trust in the reviewers that are most similar to you.

Reviewers with just one review to their name don’t count

While everyone has got to start somewhere, reviewers with just one review to their name cannot be taken seriously. Why? Because they haven’t built trust yet. With just one review, they’ve usually either come to the platform to post because they were so impressed (or unimpressed!) with the company that they felt the need to post, or a friend or family member of the business trying to drum up support. Of course there are some legitimate 1 posters out there, but it’s not as many as we would like.

Be wary of companies with a perfect rating

Just yesterday we were browsing Amazon, another fairly trustworthy review site, when we came across some items that were scoring hundreds of near perfect reviews. Drilling down into the comments it became apparent that people were being given the item for free in return for their “honest” review on Amazon. Some of the reviews sounded like just a sales pitch, whereas the ones that appeared more honest gave the item around 3 ½ stars – so beware!

Using Online Reviews to Choose the Right Company

Online reviews site can be extremely helpful in choosing the right local business to help fulfill your service. However, keeping in mind these six tips will help ensure that the reviews will lead you to the right company.

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