7 Things to Look for When Reading Online Reviews

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Nationwide Window on August 24, 2016

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Online reviews. They have made the world a much easier place to get things done. Don’t know what the best restaurants in town are? It’s easy to find out. Trying to see if we’re doing a good job at Nationwide Window and Siding? You can hit the review sites.

But what do you need to look for when reading over Nationwide Window reviews, or any other reviews for that matter? Here are 7 things to look for when reading online reviews.

Overall score of the company

Usually review platforms will have either a score out of five stars or a score out of 100, which will give you an overview of all the reviews that customers have made. This is usually indicative of the real score. However, sometimes people can stack reviews in a positive or negative light – so it’s best to keep reading.

Number of reviews of the company overall

The greater the number of reviews usually the more you can trust the overall score of the company. Three 100/100 review scores? It’s probably just the boss’s husband and their kids reviewing it. A real customer might then put up a 70/100 score – still good, but will drag the average down.

Date of the review

Now we get into individual reviews. That’s right, you should read them! Date of the review is very important. Is a review from January 2014 going to be a strong indicator of what to expect from a business? Probably not. Look for reviews in the last couple of months for the most accurate indication of what’s really going on.

Number of reviews by that customer

Is this reviewer a frequent poster, or is this their only review? Generally, the more posts that someone has under their belt, the more trustworthy they are. Usually you can see on the platform quite easily how many posts someone has made, or click on their username to find out.

The language used

People that have well put together spelling, grammar, and punctuation, usually have well put together thoughts, too – although there are exceptions to the rule, usually those who have English as a second language. If the reviewer uses a lot of slang, poor spelling, and overuse of punctuation like the exclamation mark, it’s usually best to not take their advice too seriously.

Specific areas the reviewer liked

Some platforms have an overall score for a business, along with individual ratings in different categories. For instance, Airbnb has “Guest Satisfaction” made up of ‘Accuracy’, ‘Cleanliness’, ‘Check-In’, ‘Communication’, ‘Location’, and ‘Value’. If, for instance, you didn’t care too much about the location of a property a low score on that item wouldn’t concern you. The same goes with other platforms.

Long reviews

You might come across a long review and think to yourself, “There’s no way I’m reading all that!”, but in actual fact, these long reviews are usually the best. They might have all sorts of different useful information and handy hints about the business in them. Always read long reviews

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