7 Ways to Add Character to Your Home

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Home Improvement on May 10, 2017

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We all want to be house proud. When we live in a home that we feel proud of, we feel comfortable, happy, and pleased when visitors stop by, or neighbors comment on our façade. So, how can we give a home more character? To make it stand out and be something to cherish? Here’s 10 ways to give your home the character boost it needs.

1. A stained glass front entryway

Stained glass entryways are a true eye catching gem, there is no doubt. Whether it’s subtle paneling alongside your front door, or a large piece within the door itself, these designs are inviting and warm. These days, they’re made of less breakable materials than just glass, so you can be assured of their longevity, too.

2. A stand out exterior paint job

Is your home exterior dull and drab? It may be the colors chosen in your paint job. Why not draw some color inspiration from sites like Houzz or home magazines, and choose a new color scheme that pops but also fits in with your home’s character? It can really make all the difference.

3. Bay windows

Bay windows are not only a gorgeous feature for a bit of texture on the exterior of your home, they are also a great little hidey hole to escape to inside – to sit in, read a book, play on your tablet, or just simply to relax. Bay windows can be fitted to most homes.

4. A sculptured front garden

Your front yard, if bare or dilapidated, can really detract from the beauty of your home. Brush up on some fitting landscaping and go about fitting your front yard with a neat new set up – a new front fence, lawn, flower beds, sculptured bushes, a front path… it’s really up to you!

5. Shingled roofing

There are many different types of roofing available, and how your roof looks against your house really adds to your overall exterior aesthetic. If your roof doesn’t match your home then some brand new shingles could well be the answer you’re looking for to add character.

6. The skills of an interior decorator

If your home interior is the part of your house that is lacking character, then it’s probably your interior design skills that aren’t quite the best that they could be. Luckily, there are experts you can hire to help with that. Interior decorators can provide design suggestions for specific rooms or even outfit your entire home.

7. A front deck

How about a bit of a remodel of the front of your home? Adding a front deck can change the look of your house dramatically, and add a fun new space to enjoy, too.

Nationwide Windows and Doors can help add character to your home with our range of bay windows, shingles and stained glass entryways. Our expert team can help you to pick out something that suits your home and its character to a tee, as well as provide the products and installation.

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