Advantages of Vinyl Siding for Homeowners in Clifton, New Jersey

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Nationwide Window on June 03, 2014

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Are you a resident of Clifton, New Jersey and looking forward to refurbishing the exterior walls of your home with vinyl siding? Let Nationwide Window and Siding guide you in selecting the best siding for your home.

Nationwide Window and Siding - Leaders in Vinyl Siding Replacement

Nationwide Window and Siding is New Jersey’s leader in protective and replacement windows, doors, roof installations and vinyl siding. Hundreds of homeowners in New Jersey have already used their services and are satisfied with their flawless installations, workmanship and superior range of products that last a lifetime.

Vinyl Siding that Gives a Seamless Finish

There are several types of siding in the market but not all are high quality. Our range of vinyl siding can easily be identified by its surface gloss, texture and panel thickness. Also, unlike ordinary siding, which is usually 12 feet in length, our range is available in sizes 25 and 40 feet, and easily wraps around extensive areas without any breakage and folds. This means you get much more at the same cost if you purchase siding from Nationwide Window and Siding.

Our replacement siding will offer complete protection to the exterior walls from the effects of bad weather. Also, the specialized color through technique we follow retains the freshness and surface texture of the material for years.

 The benefits of using our vinyl siding products are many, and these include the ones listed below.

  • Offers a seamless cover (up to 25 feet per length) to the desired area
  • Available in various sizes
  • No broken lines
  • Exudes a rich glow for years
  • Available in a variety of colors and design palettes
  • Suits a variety of architectural patterns 
  • Lifetime warranty on products
  • 100% protection to homes through different seasons
  • No peeling, cracks or dents despite harmful effects of weather and exposure to sunrays
  • Color and texture remain unaltered for years
  • Prevents growth of bacteria, insects and mold
  • Cost effective and long-term solutions
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Enhances the beauty of homes
  • Exceeds industry standards by an average of 198%

Lifelong Comfort to Homeowners

Lifetime warranty and guaranteed comfort as long as your home lasts, that’s their assurance on this premium product. Meant to offer complete peace of mind, and no extra investments on maintenance, their siding offers a practical way to save money on external repairs. And believe it or not, this product doesn’t require any washing or wiping of the surface separately; only a garden hose will be enough to keep the siding clean for years to come. It is also safer than steel and does not conduct electricity. An Energy Star compliant product, this weatherproof siding is sure to raise the value of your home considerably.

Approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as a valuable home improvement product, this replacement vinyl siding is a must for homeowners in Clifton, New Jersey.












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