Bad Window Replacement Reviews in New Jersey?

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Replacement Windows on May 08, 2014

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 Are you tired of reading bad customer reviews about NJ replacement windows­? Do you feel the need to give an urgent face-lift to your windows, but don’t know which company to approach? Relax, because you are not the only one! Many homeowners in New Jersey are facing considerable challenges with their already-installed poor quality windows, and are searching for reliable companies which can give them superior workmanship along with a lifelong warranty.20131025084532_after.jpg

To make things easy, we have provided below answers to some of the nagging issues customers face with windows.

Why do I need to replace or restore windows?

Windows are a crucial component in the construction of homes and offices. They not only add beauty to architectural facades, but are meant to simultaneously protect the interiors from dust, weather changes and other such onslaughts. When windows become old, they gradually gather dirt, and rust at the edges, making the structure wobbly. This hampers the functional aspects of the window, and sometimes, results in the panes cracking under pressure or intense heat. It is important to invest wisely in window installations that serve your purpose and guarantee you a lifetime of comfort.

Can old windows be replaced or restored?

Depending on the extent of damage, old windows can be restored. If the cracks are too prominent, however, you will require new window installations, but if the windows are stable and the frame is wobbly, new frames need to be installed. Also, some windows have fitted glass sheets which either crack or develop stains over time. This kind of worn-out glass also requires immediate replacement.

Is Nationwide Window and Siding equipped to solve such issues?

Nationwide Window and Siding knows what it takes to build and maintain homes. That is why we have introduced a wide range of home improvement products that help protect homes from weather impediments and other challenges for a lifetime. We have been chosen by the Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council (BETEC) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the prestigious InstallationMasters Program, and are known for our mastery with professional installations.

Once our team examines the damages, we can suggest changes accordingly. If you need to change frames, the required glass or the window panes will be proposed depending on your energy requirements and budgetary constraints. Our window systems will guarantee you lasting protection and peace of mind.

Read our own Nationwide Window reviews to see how Nationwide is equipped to complete any issue you may have.

What are the options in replacement windows?

At Nationwide Window and Siding, we have a wide array of window products which are meant to provide you a host of benefits. Available in price categories like economy, premium and ultra, we have replacement windows that can thoroughly change the character and beauty of your home, and bring down your monthly energy bills by as much as 7-15%!

What are the benefits of Nationwide Window and Siding window products?  

  • Efficient and long lasting products that come with a lifetime warranty
  • Quality materials that can withstand temperature and weather fluctuations
  • Regulates summer heat and winter draft
  • Easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance
  • Special coating on the glass that acts like a sunscreen
  • Perfectly installed
  • Post-installation care and maintenance

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