A Guide to Upgrading Your Home Windows

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Replacement Windows on February 02, 2012

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Home owners know that one of the quickest and affordable ways to upgrade your home is through your windows. They offer the versatility of different frames, shapes, and materials. Home owners have the options to choose windows that are going to compliment the look and feel of their home.

Before you start browsing windows, decide if you need replacement or completely new windows. Don't confuse the two, they are both new windows. The different is that replacement windows fit into the casing of your previous windows while brand new windows require more labor from a professional to help fit the window into your wall.

If your windows were old and were the only issues, I would recommend replacement windows. This way by doing some research and finding out the right steps, actually install the windows on your own.

Once you have decided whether you want to replace your old home windows or you want to completely change the window design of your home, you can ask yourself these questions to find what works best for you, your family and your home.

What type of material do you want your window to be?

Here are your options:

  • Woods
  • Vinyl
  • Clad
  • Fiber Glass

Wood is a very traditional window frame that is great cool and warm temperatures. The maintenance is more demanding though, requiring staining and painting. Wood if not taken care of can also become warped and ruined by water in the cracks and other weather. But if you are willing to put the work in, these beautiful windows can truly last.

Vinyl is the most popular and commonly used exterior home material in the country. This is because vinyl is the most affordable, requires very little maintenance and the cleaning involved isn’t a hassle.

Then there is clad, a wooden frame that is either sheathed with aluminum or vinyl. These are more expensive because it combines the benefits of both the wood and the vinyl windows.

Fiberglass is the most expensive of all the windows because of its durability and strength. Fiberglass windows self extinguish in fire, last the longest with little maintenance and offer the most insulated option.

Other factors to consider:

Also make sure to consider the type of glass, such as low-e glass, that you would like your windows to be equipped with. Low-e glass is environmentally friendly and very green.

When purchasing your windows, always evaluate the type of warranty offered with your window. Be smart and get the most value for your dollar with a promise of customer service and maintenance for certain damages.

Hope this helps you find the best custom windows to replace in your home!

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Cincinnati Replacement Windows posted on: February 20, 2013

Great article covering all of the information about the different replacement window options such as wood or vinyl. In my opinion they all have pros and cons but vinyl replacement windows seem the most solid!


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