The Importance of Hiring a Certified Installer for your Home’s Window and Siding

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Replacement Windows on May 03, 2012

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Hiring someone to help you with home improvement is always a big deal. You are entrusting someone else with the beauty (and function) of your home. While it may be easy to hire whoever comes along and says they can do the job, it is important to hire a certified installer for your homes windows and siding.

A certified installer is a person who has received training and certification in the installation and maintenance of windows and siding.

Find a Certified Installer
Experience – When you hire a certified installer such as one of the fully certified installers at Nationwide Windows, you know that you are hiring an experienced installer. Regulations on installation certification tests require that an installer have a minimum length of experience before taking the test. They will also be subject to hands-on training courses that teach the basics (and beyond) of installing windows and siding on a variety of different homes.

Skills – A certified installer is guaranteed to have the skills to install windows and doors on your property. Whether it’s installing windows and sealing them properly, installing doors properly or installing siding so that it is straight, sealed and secure, you have to know that your installer has the skills. A certified installer has taken a test to guarantee that they can perform the installation with the level of quality you deserve so that you can relax knowing you are hiring a skilled and experienced installer.

Professional – Whether you’re installing something as small as a window or something as large as a vinyl siding, you need to know that the work will look professional. There’s nothing quite as bad as hiring something to do a job only to realize that it looks sloppy and DIY. Certified installers are guaranteed to be professional, not only because they meet minimum skills requirements but also because they have been enrolled in training courses to learn how to do installations professionally.

Economy - A certified installer will install your windows, doors and siding properly. If you install a door, you have to know that it is properly sealed and is appropriate for keeping weather out and heating and cooling in. Properly installed windows and siding can save you hundreds on your heating and cooling. A certified installer knows how to seal your doors and windows and how to properly install siding so that it has an economical effect on your heating and cooling bill.  

Whether you’re doing minor home remodeling or a full blown makeover for your house, you have to know that it is done professionally. That is why it is important to hire a certified installer for all of your installation projects.  Here at Nationwide Windows, we are all certified professionals who believe in giving you the quality installations you pay for.

Every installer at Nationwide is certified; Moreover, Nationwide is certified to hold trainer classes two times a year to teach other installers how to properly install siding and windows.  Nationwide employs one of two certified VSI trainers in the state of NJ and is the ONLY certified Installation Master for Windows in NJ.

Comments (2)

Houston Replacement Windows posted on: December 6, 2012

Very useful and interesting post. Thanks for sharing it.

Cincinnati Replacement Windows posted on: February 20, 2013

I can not agree more about having a certified replacement window installer doing your installation! To many scams out there!

Thank you!

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