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Posted in Home Improvement on December 10, 2012

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As temperatures drop, people often raise the heat in order to stay comfortable. However, using heat is expensive and can harm the environment. If you'd like to lower your energy bills this winter, you might consider winterizing your home's windows. Installing energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to lower your energy bills this winter.

How Energy Efficient Windows Work

Energy efficient windows work by adding additional layers of material between your home and outside elements such as wind, snow and rain. Windows may be made of thicker materials or contain extra layers of material.

Advantages of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

According to WQOW, installing energy efficient windows can lower your monthly energy bills by up to 15%. Some other advantages of installing these windows include:

  • They are fairly easy to install.
  • They add extra insulation to your home, which can help keep it warmer in winter and protect against pipes freezing
  • They are easy to clean.

Tax Credits

In the past, people have been able to receive tax credits of up to $1,500 for installing energy efficient windows. This was part of the federal government's attempt to promote energy efficiency by offering incentives for upgrades to residential property.

There is currently no tax credit for installing energy efficient windows; this credit expired at the end of 2011. However, this should not deter you from installing storm windows or other types of energy efficient windows. You will still be able to save money on your energy bills throughout the year, and it's unclear if there will be new tax credits put into place in the future that you can take advantage of.

Other Considerations

Winterizing your home's windows doesn't have to be very expensive. If you have the money, going for all vinyl windows may be an option for you. However, you can winterize your windows less expensively by purchasing and installing storm windows--extra layers of glass that go on both the outside and the inside of your window frames. Storm windows can be installed without relying on the services of a contractor, saving you even more money.
Save Money This Winter
How to Tell If You Need To Winterize

If you aren't sure whether your windows are energy efficient enough, observe what happens during cold weather. If you see thick condensation build up on your window panes--enough to write your name in or draw a design on--then your windows are not insulated well enough. In this case, you'll want to either get storm windows or go for full vinyl windows.

Winterizing your windows is one of the best ways to insulate your home and lower your heating bills. If you'd like more information about purchasing or installing energy-efficient windows, please contact

Comments (2)

Jose posted on: December 27, 2012

We have lot of other option to save money this winter, these are all basic tips to save money in winter season. But you can use sweater and blazer to protect you from winter and you can save money with this.,

energy efficient windows posted on: February 12, 2013

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