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By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Replacement Windows on April 14, 2014

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What Questions Should You Ask When Buying Replacement Windows in Queens, New York?

Nationwide Window & Siding receives a lot of feedback and questions from Queens, New York homeowners about when and why they should replace windows in this densely populated New York borough.

One Queens homeowner pointed out that among the most important considerations were cost, energy efficiency, the finish options, ease of cleaning, ease of operating, the quality of the hardware, reputation of the company and availability of service when and if needed.

Superstorm Sandy has demonstrated that Queens New York homeowners are no less vulnerable to damaging storms than those areas of the nation that are typically associated with damaging storms, including Florida and the Gulf Coast.

A spokesman for Nationwide pointed out that it is important to weigh the attributes of a known brand against an unknown. It’s also useful to get feedback from other Queens New York homeowners who have had replacement windows installed recently. Of course, the selected company should always stand behind their work.

Another consideration is that your windows might not enhance the appearance of your home. This is a clear sign that it’s a good time to update them.

Queens New York homeowners are faced with many choices. Essentially, there are two types of replacements. If the original framing is sound and square, it is possible to install a replacement window into the original opening and replace the sashes, side jambs and trim. If the original frame is rotted, you must install a new window.

Queens New York homeowners along with superb customer service.  Nationwide knows the responsibilities that come with owning and maintaining a home, and they always want to reduce some of your concerns. Their greatest priority is and always has been customer satisfaction, which is why they are the premier providers of replacement windows and siding services in New Jersey, Queens, New York and beyond. Their expanding and loyal customer base is a testimony to their commitment towards providing consistent high quality products and services.

Nationwide Window is proud to serve homeowners in Queens, New York and beyond:


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