Stay Warm This Winter: Home Heating Tips for Tricky Spaces

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Home Improvement on October 15, 2012

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Heating unusual spaces in your home can be a challenge; especially in older homes. Basements, hallways, sunrooms and porches can all be hard to heat areas in a home because most central and forced air systems do not have vents that effectively reach these areas. Fortunately, there are ways to get around these problems. Try the following suggestions to make sure your whole house is warm this winter.

Shut off Vents in Areas You’re Not Using

  • If you have central or forced air, the areas of you home that are farthest away from the main heat pump tend to be the coldest. This is because the hot air from the pump has farther to travel to get to these areas. If you close the vents in areas that are not being used, however, it is possible to reduce the length of the path that the air has to travel. This method tends to be the most successful in older homes with many hallways.

Use Space Heaters Sparingly

  • While a good space heater can heat about two hundred square feet, they are not very energy efficient. If you have areas of your house that are only used occasionally, however, such as a spare bedroom or basement, this can be a good solution. Only turn on the space heater when you are using the room, and shut the vent so that you are not wasting heat when the room isn’t in use. 

Insulate Your Attic

Weatherize Your Living Spaces

  • For the same reasons, it makes sense to invest in well-insulated windows and doors. Not only can this reduce your overall heating bill, but if you have areas of your home that are losing a lot of heat through the current windows and doors, you’ll be able to better preserve the heat that is in these places. If you can’t afford new doors and windows, take the time to install weather-stripping. These kits are relatively cheap, and will minimize heat loss in the draftiest areas of the home.

Keep Your Doors Open

  • In many modern homes, the architect designed the heating and cooling system with the idea that air would be allowed to flow freely throughout the house. While this means that shutting off vents will not work as well, it also means that just opening doors will heat up small areas such as hallways.

 Think About Alternative Heating

  • Electric blankets might be a better idea for a cold bedroom than heating the entire bedroom. A cold bathroom could be improved drastically with a towel warmer and a heat lamp above the shower. 

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