Top 5 Reasons to Replace your Old Windows Today

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Replacement Windows on April 24, 2014

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Over the past decade, technological advances in home improvement areas have been remarkable - and that includes windows. If your house still has old windows, you can easily beautify your home with new energy efficient windows that will also save you money in the long-term. Read on for the top 5 reasons for replacing your old windows today.

Save on heating and cooling bills

Winters are cold and the summers are hot. Cut back on both your heating and cooling bills with energy efficient replacement windows.

Today's windows prevent heat loss and the discomfort of cold windows and windowsills. If your windows are outdated, you can feel the cold winter night coming through just by holding your hand up to the glass.

In the summer, your old windows are a heat gain problem. But the technologically advanced windows we have today reduce solar heat without having to use dark glass. Therefore, you still get the light but not the heat.

Prevent water damage

Old windows often have leaks, particularly in the corners. Over time, leaky windows can cause unwanted water damage. If your windows are in really rough shape, you can even find yourself facing a flood during a heavy rain storm.

If you end up with water damage as a result of old, worn, and leaky windows, your homeowners insurance may or may not cover the water damage repair. Sudden water damage is usually covered but water damage that occurs over time is typically not covered. This is because the water damage could have been prevented by repairing or replacing the windows.

Peeling or discolored paint around windows are signs that your home is suffering water damage and your windows need to be replaced.

Direct sunlight causes fading

Old windows have no solar protection. Direct sunlight hitting your carpets and furniture causes fading over time. Instead of replacing your couch or carpet every few years, replace your windows for long lasting comfort in every room of the house.

Improved comfort

Ever have to avoid a certain room during a certain time of day because of the discomfort of direct sunlight pouring in from your old windows? With new, energy star replacement windows, you won't have to suffer direct sunlight striking you down and making entire rooms uncomfortable.

Make your home look and feel like new

While new replacement windows will make your house feel brand new, they will also make your house look brand new. Window designs have come a long way and they are not only designed for efficiency and low-maintenance but also for beauty. From bay windows to slider bow, and picture windows, we can help you choose the right windows for your home and according to your budget.

By replacing your old windows, you're not only making your home green and beautiful but you're also gaining peace of mind. A house without leaky windows is a safer house with better indoor air quality and less risk of money going out the window. Contact us today to get started.

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