Up-cycle Your Old Windows, Doors and Shutters with Pinterest DIY Projects

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Posted in Home Improvement on August 17, 2012

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Pinterest DIY Home Improvement Ideas for your Windows, Doors and Shutters

Old shutters, windows and doors can be recycled to create some really clever accessories to add to a shabby chic decor scheme. The result is a wonderful conversation piece and the good feeling of doing something sustainable for the planet. Get old doors, windows and shutters from dilapidated buildings, thrift stores and yard sales before they end up in the landfill. Or if it’s time to replace your windows and doors, recycle your own old windows, doors and shutters with these creative DIY home improvement ideas from Pinterest.

Shabby chic is a style of decorating that uses retro-style and stressed furniture, sofa coverings, bedspreads, lamps and pieces of art, preferably with a worn look. The style comes from Great Britain and reflects the decor from large country homes with faded chintz sofas, curtains and chenille spreads. The term "shabby chic" was first used in World of Interiors magazine in the 1980s. The style of decorating caught on quickly with artists and Bohemians. 

Use an old door to create a roomy shabby chic coffee table. Don't worry if it is bumpy, lumpy and has cracks. In fact, this is what will add character and personality to the piece - sort of like fading tattoos on an old sailor! Pick enamel paint in a funky color like the chartreuse on this one or customize it to match your home’s interior. Do scrap off the loosest of the old paint so that the new paint will adhere. Nail platforms on the bottom in each corner to screw in balusters for legs and voila: you’ve upcylced your door for a coffee-table unlike any other!


Here is a clever idea for a cool mail organizer for the kitchen or office. Simply hang half of an old window shutter on the wall. Hang the shutter so that the slots are at an angle that will hold mail, bills, kid's school papers and more. This inspired piece will keep you and your family organized for years to come.


Old shutters can also be turned into a shabby chic side table quite easily. Use two shutters from matching windows. The more weathered looking the shutters are the better. Attach the shutters together to form a square then use cut squares of plywood for the top and bottom of the table. Paint the plywood squares to match or compliment the shutters and you’ve got yourself a rustic end table at little or no cost.


This old, peeling arched window makes a fabulous mantelpiece. Secure with screws or hangers for heavy pictures. Hang a pretty, rustic wreath in the middle of your "new" mantelpiece. Or get even more inventive and hang family portraits or artistic photos in select areas.
Make this see-through window coffee table for storing and displaying your favorite books and magazines. Replace the panes of glass if they are broken or cracked, but leave the window worn-looking. Make the deep base of the coffee table from old wood or barn board. Attach the window to the base with hinges. Add a brass or metal handle to lift the window and place the books and magazines inside. Use balusters for legs. Once complete, you’ll have a fantastic DIY coffee table unlike anything you’d be able to find in stores.


An old window can be turned into an unbelievable family memo-info center that is very functional. Remove the bottom two panes of glass. Replace one pane on the bottom with cork board that is glued onto a fitting piece of plywood. Replace the other pane on the bottom with fitted plywood that is painted with chalkboard paint. Add a ledge in the middle of the window for vases or jars to complete the look. Your friends will be oh so jealous, indeed.


And for our last Pinterest inspired DIY home improvement project, try this brilliant DIY window frame bulletinboard. Use an old window with eight panes on each side as a unique cork board for a child's or teen's room. Simply remove the panes and replace them with cork board. Attach to the wall with heavy picture hangers and it is ready to hold photos, pennants and post cards. 


We hope these DIY upcylcing ideas have inspired you. If you’d like to use your own old windows or doors for these projects, contact Nationwide Windows for a free replacement window or door estimate. 

Comments (4)

Claudine Barena posted on: August 22, 2012

Wow I never thought an old windows or a doors can be made into such masterpiece. That old door transformed into table is really good all the DIY projects are worth a try.

Double Glazing Tamworth posted on: September 13, 2012

Recycling our things would really do us a favor such as they will please our eyes and we can save money in buying those thing. We should just be creative in thinking of those things that we can do from a scrap.

James posted on: October 4, 2012

That's what really makes the house special. Choosing the furniture and doing house projects together can also help the family to stay close to each other.

That will also save a lot of trees if we go ahead and support these upcycling projects involving precious woodwork like these front doors and windows.

Katie - creativeblinds.com posted on: August 15, 2015

I'm speechless. You are so creative. I even don't realize it could be something new and useful. Perhaps, if you would come to my home, my old furniture is going to change.

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