When to Replace Your Home’s Vinyl Siding

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Vinyl Siding on April 10, 2012

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Vinyl siding is a very durable material that requires less maintenance than almost any other siding you can chose for your home. However; even though vinyl siding can last for a very long time, it is as much subject to wear and tear as any other material you could use. While you will not have to repair it as often, you will still have to occasionally replace the vinyl siding on your home.

Vinyl Siding
Time – Over time, Vinyl siding is exposed to sun, wind and rain. The fibers that hold your vinyl siding together will break down and leave the vinyl weak and brittle. While this process takes 10-15 years before the siding is damaged enough to require replacing; you should keep it in mind. Knowing when you have to replace your homes vinyl siding can save you a lot of stress and trouble when the time comes around.

Wind Damage – Wind is Vinyl sidings biggest weakness. Rough winds can slide under a sheet of vinyl siding and bend it or even tear it up completely from the wall. Vinyl siding is made of very thin polymers which work well to insulate a home but can bend and tear easily in the wind. Should one of your panels be torn up by harsh winds, you will have to replace the panel. When you replace vinyl siding panels you should hire a company with a wide range of color choices so that you can get an exact match for your current siding.

Scuffs – Whether it’s leaning a ladder against your vinyl to do spring cleaning in the gutters, bumping into a panel or two with the lawn mower or running anything else into your siding; vinyl is sensitive to impact damage. Unfortunately, removing the scuffs and cracks from vinyl isn’t as easy as sanding it down and re-painting; you will have to replace the panel.

Temperature Damage – If you live in extreme weather conditions (such as extreme heat or cold) you might have to eventually replace your vinyl siding due to temperature damage. Vinyl siding is made of materials that respond to heat and cold. In the heat they expand and in the cold they contract. During extremely hot summers or extremely cold summers your vinyl could either bow out (due to rapid expansion) or crack (due to cold contraction). In either case you should replace the panel in order to preserve the beauty and thermal properties of your vinyl.

Home Remodeling – Another instance when you should replace your homes vinyl siding is during home remodeling. Whether you are installing a porch or putting in different windows you should hire a vinyl contractor to install new siding around the adjustments to your home. If you are considering home remodeling, contractors are often happy to install new windows or doors and replace your vinyl siding at the same time.

While you will have to replace your homes vinyl siding, you can expect the instances to be few and far between. Nationwide Window and Siding’s seamless vinyl siding is highly durable and 50% thicker than conventional sidings, exceeding industry impact standards by 198%. For more information on Nationwide’s Vinyl Siding, visit us online or contact us for a free estimate!

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Milley Cyrus posted on: June 27, 2012

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Marcus @ www.amext.com posted on: August 26, 2012

If you are replacing your homes siding with an energy efficient vinyl siding, keep in mind that some of the older siding is asbestos and can present health problems. Make sure you are aware of all of the safety risks before beginning any home improvement project.

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