Why Do NJ Homeowners Select Vinyl Siding?

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Vinyl Siding on February 26, 2014

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Nationwide Window siding consultants have seen the trend for quite a while now: NJ homeowners prefer vinyl siding.

The reasons are many.

Vinyl siding has grown in popularity and it’s now used regularly in new construction. Most importantly, it offers several advantages that wood siding does not. You can also obtain vinyl siding from Nationwide in virtually any color that you want, meaning it doesn’t have to be painted.

Maintenance of vinyl siding is tremendously easy, too. Usually, a mild solution of soap and water is adequate to clean it. If mildew is present, adding bleach to water effectively handles that issue.

With vinyl siding, the color is actually embedded directly into the material. As a result, it’s permanent and lasts much longer than painted surfaces. It also doesn’t require painting periodicially.

The thickness of vinyl siding is another advantage. The quality of the siding will directly affect the quotes you are receiving for the job. An experienced contractgor like Nationwide Window & Siding will deliver the perfect product for your needs, and at the right price.

Do you have questions about vinyl siding? Our experienced professionals can deliver the right answers that you need.

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