Why Replacing Windows in North Bergen New Jersey is An Act of Love

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Replacement Windows on April 30, 2014

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You might think we’re being overly dramatic, but just think about it for a moment. Window replacement is an investment in energy efficiency, exterior protection and overall beautification of your North Bergen New Jersey home.

How is it an act of love? Well, anything you can do that improves the comfort of your family can be considered this way.

Let’s face it.

Who wouldn’t want this? Everyone stays comfortable.

Of course, it’s hard to keep everyone happy with the temperature inside the house. Your spouse might tell you it's very cold while your kids are complaining about the temperature being too warm. Installing new, energy efficient windows can help to regulate the indoor temperature levels better by getting rid of drafts and convectional cooling.

Today, new windows have features like improved locking devices that are built-in to the frame. They are safer compared to the old single latches that were crewed on top of the frames. New ones also have better sealing, as well as weather stripping materials, to help in preventing air pollutants from getting in and keeping your indoor air cleaner and safer for everyone. Your home is also free from noise pollution.

A new North Bergen NJ replacement window of the right size and fit, properly installed, is more effective in keeping out the noise. Sounds from sirens, a generally noisy neighborhood, loud traffic sounds, and more are significantly reduced to a minimum. As a result, your kids can do their homework without any distractions and you can have that much-needed rest without being disturbed.

No complaining about stuck windows anymore

Older windows, especially those made with wood frames that have been painted or stained, can swell in humid conditions or all through the aging process, causing them to stick and be very difficult to open. They are also difficult to properly close. But the newer replacement windows operate smoothly. Some can even tilt in, making the cleaning of the outside glass from the inside of your house easy.

Saves money

Installing energy efficient replacement windows can help diminish radiant and convection energy loss in your house, which means your heating system or your air conditioning unit can operate more efficiently, using less fuel or electricity. This can help save you more money each month, even up to 1/3 of your energy bill. You can spend the money on other things like dining out in your favorite restaurant, going to the movies with your kids, and other fun-filled activities for the family.

For additional information about replacement windows at no obligation, please contact Nationwide Window & Siding today. Your North Bergen NJ home deserves the best.


Nationwide Window and Siding Proudly Serves North Bergen New Jersey homeowners. Learn more about North Bergen here.

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