Why You Should use Vinyl Siding

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Vinyl Siding on January 09, 2013

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The Nationwide Window and Siding Company proudly leads the industry in providing quality products for home improvement. Our expert contractors also guarantee that clients receive quality results during the installation process. Improving the exterior appearance of a home or business, consumers must take into consideration all of the available options. Not all siding provides the same degree of aesthetic value and durability. 


Manufacturers construct modern vinyl siding 50 percent thicker than conventional products and twice as thick as aluminum. When subjected to quality assurance testing, vinyl surpassed impact requirements by almost 200 percent. Being a more durable product additionally means vinyl resists bending and denting, especially when combined with an insulating, protective supporting under layer. Similar to styrofoam, the lightweight undercoating adds strength and saves thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs along with general maintenance.

Vinyl siding
never requires painting, scraping and repainting. With color pigmentation baked directly into the material, the siding never cracks, flakes or peels. This also means surface abrasions do not leave unsightly scratches revealing bare metal. Keeping vinyl siding factory fresh merely requires rinsing the surface with a garden hose. The quality of the product is the reason why the manufacturer offers a warranty on the siding that extends throughout the client’s ownership of the home. Modern vinyl siding also features an amazingly smooth finish that more closely resembles the texture of painted wood. Unlike many other renovation projects, vinyl siding increases the overall value of the property.

At Nationwide Windows and Siding, consumers have the option of choosing between one of three types of siding, standard, seamless and ultra seamless insulated. Standard siding comes in 12 foot lengths, which requires overlapping and visible seams. Seamless siding measures 40 feet in length, which accommodates the exterior length of most homes and buildings. The lack of overlapping provides a smoother, uninterrupted appearance. Ultra seamless insulated combines the 40 foot length with the Energy Star rated technology known as the “Fullback Thermal Support System.”

Fullback Thermal Support prevents moisture absorption and seepage along with subsequent mold development between the siding and the exterior walls. Attached to a structure using the “sure grip clip system,” also prevents air spaces between the exterior wall and the siding, which creates a chimney effect and increases flammability. The positive locking system makes installation easier and holds each panel tightly and securely in place, even under high wind conditions. The vinyl also contains an additive known as “Preventol,” which repels insects but poses no risk to animals or humans.

Nationwide offers a number of products besides vinyl siding that include replacement doors and windows. We also install gutters and natural looking cedar shakes roofing. Vinyl siding installation also includes a variety of accessories that complete the home improvement project. Matching accessories include attic vents, shutters, soffits and other finishing touches that create the perfectly polished look.

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