Window and Door Leak Solutions in South Orange, New Jersey

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Posted in Replacement Windows on May 06, 2014

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Water and air leakage is a common problem among South Orange NJ homes. It can also cause damages that is expensive to repair, such as, rotting and water stains.

Regardless of its age, your home might suffer from air and water leaks through gaps and cracks in the windows and doors that are not properly installed. Aside from structural damage, water and air leaks can also cause health hazards, because pollutants from the environment may come in, and the fluctuating temperature can cause respiratory problems. Your South Orange New Jersey replacement window and door contractor, who is an expert when it comes to doors and windows repair and installation, can advise you on the right type of material for your doors and windows, keeping in mind that it will be appropriate for the kind of weather in NJ.

If your doors and windows rattle, then it means that your frames are loose. Water and air can enter your home while allowing the heated or cooled air out. Window and door frames might crack, especially after a number of years, so be sure to inspect the frames and try to see them from the outside. They might have gaps. A sure way to detect if air is coming from the outside through your frames is by passing a burning candle or incense stick along the top, sides, and bottom of the frame. You should check for signs of watermarks and damage or discoloration due to dampness, and you might need to have it sealed by a window door contractor to eliminate the water leak.

If you notice that the air quality in your home or office is always changing, check for air leaks. Not only will it affect your electric bill, it can also contribute to respiratory complications due to pollutants that might have entered through the cracks. Leaks in windows and doors should be repaired immediately to prevent further damage such as mold and mildew formation, watermarks, as well as to prevent high electric bills.

Water and air leaks are usually caused by the incorrect installation of windows and doors, and these leaks can be worsened by caulking. Wear and tear and continuous usage bring about water and air leaks, so it is more likely for old houses to have leaks than the new ones. An expert NJ replacement window and door contractor will inform you that weather greatly affects your doors and windows and will recommend the right materials to use to withstand the weather conditions in South Orange, NJ.

It is best to select your doors and windows carefully to avoid leakage. The ideal NJ replacement door or window is one that is aesthetically pleasing and is durable enough to weather the NJ elements. Front doors, aside from being the first to be seen,endure the most wear, so make sure to select durable, weatherproof materials. Ask your window door contractor about draft proofing and right insulating materials for your door to help you conserve heat and save money on electricity bills.

The right replacement window is something that is strong enough to take extreme weather. Windows made of wood is high maintenance, as you have to treat it regularly else they will rot while vinyl windows can withstand weather conditions and can last longer.

The best approach is to consult with an experienced and expert replacement window and door expert. We have more information here.


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