Fall Home Design Inspiration

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Home Improvement on October 26, 2016

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It’s that time of year again… Fall, when the leaves are dropping, the temperatures are getting lower, and we all start dreaming of cozying up by the fireplace with a nice warm mug of hot cocoa. If fall is your favorite season of the year, and you’re looking to either build or remodel your home, why not take inspiration from this most gorgeous time of year?

Here are our top tips for designing a fall inspired home.

Tip 1: Think fall colors for your design choices

If fall is your favorite season, then you’ll find inspiration in a huge range of fall colors. The autumnal leaves give us beautiful, brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, and even purples which can make for outstanding choices on the outside and inside of your home. Pair these bright bursts of color with yellow based creams for a beautiful fall home.

Tip 2: Shingles make your home look cozier

Are you looking to do your roof? If you’re a fall fiend, then the best choice for your roofing option is to go with shingles on the roof. Shingles are a world more inviting and homely than other roofing options such as aluminum or steel. Our Oakridge shingles are the perfect mix of both homely and traditional, while still being very modern.

Tip 3: Fiberglass entry doors are inviting

There is nothing more inviting than walking up to a front door that has beautiful stained glass surrounded by a wooden finish, with warm yellow light shining through from the inside. Fiberglass entry doors that come in wooden finishes are a great way to get that wooden look without worrying about all the drawbacks of wood such as warping, splitting, and swelling. Fiberglass doors with a gorgeous stained glass middle are the perfect complement to your fall designed home.

Tip 4: Choose to plant trees that grow large, and look beautiful in fall in strategic spots

Of course, the main thing that we love about fall is the beautiful changing of the seasons, the falling of the leaves, the swirling of the wind, picking them up in little flurries. If you are redesigning or building your home it might be time to think about your character landscaping, too. While mature trees are expensive to purchase (and especially to transport), you can easily purchase young trees that are inexpensive. Make sure to check how they look seasonally, and how quickly or slowly they grow when making your decision on what to purchase.

Home Design Inspiration for the Fall

Let us help you to design your perfect fall home. Our roofing, windows, doors, and siding options come in a huge range of options for everyone. Make sure to read our Nationwide Windows reviews to hear what our customers are saying about us!

Call us today on 1 877 777 4488 to chat about our great range of options, or have a browse through to our free estimate form to see how much the renovations on your home will cost. We would love to hear from you.

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