How Properly Installed Windows and Doors can Save you Money!

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Store Doors on May 21, 2012

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You’ve probably heard that installing properly fitted doors and windows can save you money. Or perhaps that installing new windows can save on your cooling and heating bill? Or that you should hire a contractor to properly seal your doors and windows? Chances are if you’ve heard it, you haven’t heard the reasons why.

Properly Installed Doors
Appearance of Your Home –
Having gaps or poorly filled areas around your doors and windows isn’t just costing you money, it’s ugly. There’s nothing to degrade the appearance of your home and its value like improperly installed doors and windows. Properly installed and properly sealed windows look nice in your home because they avoid ugly gaps, unprofessional sealing and usually match the color of your trim or vinyl.

No Drafts – Have you ever been indoors in the winter and avoided the windows because of the drafts? If you have doors and windows installed and sealed by a professional contractor, you won’t have to worry about drafts. Many people live with drafts and don’t even realize it because they have been there for so long.  Sealing your doors and windows will remove drafts from your home so that your heating works better.

Keeps Heating & Cooling In – Ever taken a look at your heating and cooling bill and wondered how it could possibly be so high? Most of the time, heating and cooling bills are high because, even if you use a thermostat, your heating and cooling is escaping from improperly sealed doors and windows. Hiring a contractor to do it for you can keep your hot and cool air in so that you pay less on bills.

Works Properly – Doors and windows that stick in their frames and don’t open all the way or even rattle in strong winds can be annoying. These issues are not only problematic but they lower the value of your home as well. Doors and windows that do not work properly are frustrating and can cut into the quality of your day to day life, making it important to have them fixed.

Money-Saving –At the end of the day, properly installed doors and windows save you money. You save on heating and cooling and should you ever decide to move, your home will be more valuable. By properly installing doors and windows you enrich the value of your home while improving your day to day life. Statistics show that homeowners can save up to $460 per year by replacing one single window with an energy star window that is properly fitted into their home! Imagine how much you could save by hiring someone to make sure that all of your doors and windows are fitted properly.

Remember, if you are considering hiring someone to install your doors and windows, it is important to make sure that they are a licensed contractor. Licensed contractors are trained and experienced individuals who know how to get the job done right. Hiring a professional means that you will get professional results, and when it comes to sealing your doors and windows, professional results are important.

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Marcus @ posted on: August 26, 2012

Using a licensed contractor and business can also provide warranty options not only for the product but also for any service issues that come up.

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"They used top quality material The installers were very professional, clean and kind I love my windows they look great."