The Hazards of Reading Online Reviews

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Nationwide Window on August 10, 2016

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Online reviews are now where we source a lot of our recommendations. We know which movie to watch from IMDB, which hotels to visit from TripAdvisor, and which hairdressers to book with from Yelp.

But that doesn’t mean these reviews accurately portray a company, product, or service. Online reviews have its benefits and its drawbacks. Nationwide windows reviews all aren’t even trustworthy. Here are some things you need to be wary of when reading online reviews:

Bad reviews don’t always mean a bad company

Think about this. How many times have your friends ranted on to you about a poor experience they had with a company? And how many times has a friend chatted your ear off about a great experience at a company? And finally, how many times has a friend told you about just a regular experience at a company?

It’s that last one that you have to watch out for! The majority of people will only speak up if they have had a) a terrible experience or b) a fantastic experience. Even then, it’s more likely that people will talk about their negative experiences. What you miss a lot of the time from online reviews (where they aren’t mandatory) is that middle ground.

People that have a familiar, regular experience with a company simply aren’t going to review it. Why? Because their experience hasn’t had that poignancy to it that a great time or a bad time has. Why would you review your local Target store? You wouldn’t – it’s what you expect – unless you had a poor experience.

Some reviews are simply not true

There’s that other sneaky one that some reviews simply aren’t true, whether they’re good or bad. A business may compel people to write good reviews for them (especially from family and friends), whereas the competition may start their own similar smear campaign with bad reviews left against the competition.

It’s highly unethical, but we can assure you it does happen! A good determination of whether this is happening is checking how many reviews the reviewer has completed before and after. If it’s one or two they may not be able to be trusted.

Some customers with negative feedback may have had their issues resolved but the feedback remains

You’ve just had an experience with a terrible saleswoman at a clothing store. You’re fuming and so jump on your phone and write them up a terrible review after you walk out of the store. Some time later, you calm down a bit and think to yourself, “No, something really needs to be done”, so you call the store and complain to her manager. He tells you that she was on her final warning and he’s grateful for your call as he will be speaking to her this afternoon and offers you a gift voucher in return. You are pleased and feel like you have done the right thing. However, you forget to follow up your review and it remains on the site.

This sort of thing happens every day. And while we can all turn into keyboard warriors when we’re angry all it takes is the proper handling to get something done.

How to Trust Online Reviews

Before disregarding a company based on one review from one review site, take a good look at a number of different reviews from different review sites in order to get a more holistic view of a company. For example, our company has Nationwide Window reviews on a variety of different places, such as our website, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites. Taking a look at multiple review sources can help you decide whether you’ll get good service from a company.

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