What’s My Home Style?

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Home Improvement on February 07, 2017

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For many of us, we’re not exactly architectural buffs. Which means that we can tell that certain homes are a certain style, and others are completely different, but we probably couldn’t tell you the name of that particular style. The good news is that we’re here to help you identify which style of home your house is!

No idea what the style of your home is? Read our list of home architectural styles to find out which style your home is.


Ranch style homes are the style that came into popularity in Western areas on, you guessed it, ranches. The homes are generally a sprawling style with lots of wide open spaces, and generally feature a garage that is attached to the house.


Cottages are small homes that usually have either brick or boarded wooden outers with a small curved entrance to the home. These types of homes originated in Europe, and are popular both in Europe, and in European colonies all over the world.


Colonial homes are incredibly popular throughout the country. This style of home generally is two stories, has a basement, living areas and a kitchen on the ground floor, and bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. The home is usually a box appearance on the outside, and this style of home has been popular since the 1700s.


Victorian homes are heavily designed to be quite ornate from the outside. They generally have a wooden outer, and may be two or three levels high, with a porch, and possibly features like turrets. They may have many different shapes from the outside of the home, and are often exquisitely painted.

Art Deco

If you’ve ever been to Miami beach, then you’ll be familiar with the Art Deco style which is popular in the area. The style is distinct in its geometric shapes, often accompanied by a white or pink outer with bright pops of color as accents.

Neo Classical

Neo classical homes can most easily be identified by their columned entryways, which can extend to the upper floors if there is more than one floor. The outer of the home is symmetrical and has a flat façade.

Cape Cod

Typified by a slanted roof with a flat, square or rectangular outer, these homes will have a loft upper floor and a singular story. The outer of these types of homes are usually clad in brick or boards.


Mediterranean homes are representative of a Spanish style home that’s usually painted in oranges and ochres with stucco walls. They generally have a red brick roof and are popular across California and Florida.

Get the right fittings for your style of home with Nationwide Windows and doors. If you know the style of home that your house is, then it can make replacing parts of your outer that much easier. Call us to discuss the changes that you would like to make to your home, or have a browse through our Nationwide Windows and Siding reviews to see what our customers are saying about our products.

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