When I Should Replace My Roof?

By Nationwide Windows
Posted in Roofing on April 06, 2017

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It can be difficult to determine when to replace your roof. After all, roofs can last forever, can’t they? Plus, often you can’t tell from the ground what is going on up there. If you don’t know how long it has been since your roof has been done, then it’s time to get the ladder out, check your safety, and have a look around on your roof for signs that it needs to be replaced.

There are a lot of missing shingles

There’s no reason to replace your entire roof if just a few shingles are missing. You can easily put in a few replacements. However, if you find that you are losing a lot, in a lot of different places, then it’s generally time to overhaul the whole thing, as shingles will probably keep coming off. This is especially true if you have layers of roofing installed on top of other layers of roofing – it’s time to address the situation properly.

There are a lot of curling shingles

Curling shingles are a big warning sign that the roof doesn’t have adequate ventilation. The curling shingles are a result of too much hot air inside of the roof. This may be from using the wrong shingles, poor installation, or, again, from too many layers of roofing being placed one after the other. If you see lots of curling shingles, it’s time to think about reroofing.

There are a lot of cracked shingles

Cracked shingles, like curling shingles, are another sign of inadequate ventilation within your roof space. And this may either be a case of your roof insulation, poor shingle or installation quality, or from too many layers of roofing. Look for signs of cracking to see if you need to get an expert in to help replace your roof.

Your roof is 20+ years old

Generally it is expected that roofs will last around 20 to 25 years. If your roof is coming up to this age, then you should be starting to think about reroofing. Like any object, as a roof ages it becomes less stable. This means that it is more susceptible to damage. So, if your roof is approaching the 20 to 25 year old mark, it’s time to get a contractor to assess how many years of life your roof has left in it.

It leaks – a lot

If it is at this stage then you should already know that your roof needs replacing. If you are finding that your roof is leaking in not one, but many different places, then you need to seriously consider re-roofing before the next storm does some serious damage to your home. While a roof’s age, cracked, missing, or curling shingles are warning signs to reroof, lots of leaking coming from your roof means that you absolutely need to reroof.

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