With a continuous commitment to excellence, Nationwide Window & Siding prides ourselves on our commitment and dedication to our customers. With an extremely knowledgeable staff, we help all of our clients fully comprehend the benefits of our products, enabling them to make educated decisions about the windows they want to install in their home.

We use only the best materials and technology on every project we complete. The basis of Nationwide’s success is our continuous commitment to excellence. We reach that desired level of excellence by supplying energy efficient, low maintenance products that will look great with any home.

Customer Reviews of Our Energy-Efficient Windows

The Resistance Glass System - one of our high-quality windows - is a popular choice for many homeowners. Built to last, our exclusive Resistance Glass System is energy-efficient and provides comfortable temperatures in your home, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

John’s Review

John, one of our clients from Wantage, NJ, had great praise for the effectiveness of the Resistance Glass System and for the Nationwide installation crew. Here’s his review of the Nationwide Window & Siding team and our product:

“Sales representative was very informative about the windows and did an excellent job demonstrating not only  how they worked, but, also how the Resistance Glass System functioned to keep the heat out during hot, sunny days.

The technicians installing the windows worked great as a team in removing the old and installing the new windows and door. Everything was cleaned up and removed with no problems.

The quality of these windows is much better than windows we purchased earlier from a different company. Have no reservations recommending Nationwide to friends and family.”

You can see his review here.

Castellano’s Review

“The product that they explained was the product they delivered. They did the installation in a timely fashion. I’ve had the windows for a year now and I’ve saved money on my energy bill. I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

-Castellano, Staten Island, NY

Customer review here.

Mr. & Mrs. Moriarty’s Reviews

“We love our windows! The workers came as scheduled were very professional, and cleaned up beautifully. I would definitely recommend this company.”

Window Replacement Review

“They took out my old windows and put in new ones. They did seven windows. It’s a big company. I got them through a referral. I bought the windows from them and they came to install. Scheduling was fine; i didn’t have any issues. They’re really popular, so they get booked up. Our appointment was two weeks after we agreed to the contract. They also have to custom-make it because some of our windows are not standard-sized, so i guess that takes time too.

Mr. Gino Orange, he came over and he did his sales pitch and we were very impressed. We just liked him. He explained everything. He will follow up a lot with us, did you get an appointment, when did they say they’re coming, after we agreed to the contract. On the day of installation, he came by to check, to see if we were satisfied with the quality of the work, did they clean up after. Then they came and installed the windows within a day and cleaned up the mess they made. He came to make sure that we were happy with the product and the service. I thought that was really nice.

We love the windows. They’re really good quality windows. In the winter time, we’d have the draft. Once we got the windows, we had a horrible winter that year, but with the new windows, you could barely feel any draft. The roof is very high up. We used to have insulated curtains to prevent draft. With these, I can have the curtains pulled to the side, the blindfolds up, and you don’t really feel the draft. It blocks away the sound from the outdoors not 100% but it’s blocked a lot more than our old windows so I really like that. They look nice too.

We didn’t get all the windows, only the ones that impact us the most. If we were to get the remaining windows, we would call Nationwide again.”


Customer review here.