Bright. Bold. Brilliant. The world is full of color, from the cars we drive to the appliances we buy. We have the power to choose the colors we surround ourselves with. Just as upscale countertops can transform your kitchen, so too can IKO Cambridge® architectural laminated shingles help to improve your home's aesthetics and perceived value – with unmatched vibrancy and colors you won’t find anywhere else. If you're looking to make your home truly vibrant, don't overlook the power of using color on your roof to help coordinate exterior accents like paint, trim and even landscaping. IKO's Cambridge® line of shingles offers 15 impressive colors to help you find the style you want.

IKO’s Cambridge® Shingles offer a special Advantage size to allow shingles to go down fast and easy and provide a heavier shingle to protect against heavy winds. IKO shingles have an enlarged nail line to guide installers to correct nail placement and its Fastlock® modified bitumen sealant is thick and aggressive to promote a strong bond. Fastlock® Sealant also reacts to the suns heat to form a tackier, stronger bond to ensure maximum protection against wind uplift, blow-off and water penetration.

  Nationwide strives to accurately reproduce the screen images of the shingle samples shown above. However, due to manufacturing variances, the limitations of your monitor resolution and the variation in natural exterior lighting, actual shingle colors and granule blends may vary from the images you see. For this reason, it is necessary to see a roofing sample or the products installed on a home before making a final color selection.  Please call us today at (877) 777-4488 to set up a free no obligation estimate on your home.