Siding Overview

Our New Jersey siding company is one of the leading in the industry.  All siding provide sturdy durability and easy care maintenance, but that doesn't mean all sidings are alike! You'll find differences in panel thickness, surface finish and profile details. The major difference - and the easiest to see - is found when you look at a long, unbroken section of wall. Ordinary siding must be overlapped every 12 feet.  Even with a professional installation, the resulting pattern of staggered seams produces a less than optimum appearance. When seen up close, the "steps" created by overlapping interrupt the impression of a continuous surface.

 Our sidings are 25 feet in length and help maintain seamless exteriors without breakages or folds.

  • They are made using a specialized color-through technique process that is available in a variety of color and texture palettes.
  • They are cost-effective and low on maintenance.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty, since our products are highly durable and exceed industry standards by an average of 198%.
  • They will not conduct electricity and are a perfect safeguard for weatherproofing.
  • We have specific ranges of textures and designs to suit your architectural façade.

No painting, no scraping, no caulking. Clean with a garden hose. So durable, it won't scratch, dent, peel or flake. Warranted by the manufacturer for as long as you own your home.

Seamless Siding is 40 feet in length, more than three times the length of ordinary siding. That means on most homes and professional offices, our siding produces seamless exterior walls. It is easy to see the difference, because the result is showcase beauty.

No overlaps. No visible seam patterns to detract from overall appearance. Just clean, unbroken lines that accentuate architectural design and details.

  • This highly durable siding is 50% thicker than conventional sidings and exceeds industry impact standards by 198%.
  • Another unique characteristic is the remarkable peach-smooth finish, which replicates the natural look of a painted wood surface.
  • Additionally, the positive locking system ensures each panel snaps together firmly for a tight, secure fit

Seamless Siding Features and Benefits:

  • Color-through process never needs painting
  • Will not dent, peel, rust, flake or corrode
  • Safer than steel, no grounding required
  • Cost-effective; virtually maintenance-free cladding system
  • Highly durable siding that exceeds industry impact standards by an average of 198%

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