Thermar8 Insulated Siding

Five Great Reasons to Invest in Thermar8® 

Thermar8 Thermal Support System excels in these ways:

  1. Saves Energy - Nationwide Window & Siding An ENERGY STAR® partner
    Siding with Thermar8® inside can reduce energy bills. Installed behind the siding as an underlayment Thermar8 provides a very high "R"-value. As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Nationwide Window & Siding works with the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy to provide homeowners with quality, fuel-efficient products and educational materials and may qualify for Tax Credits.
  2. Durable - Resists Impact
    In tests performed by an independent laboratory, panels insulated with Thermar8® can absorb impacts from 160 PSI to 340 PSI depending on the type of siding. The Thermar8® Thermal Support System increases the impact resistance of siding by more than 500%.
  3. Water Vapor Permeability
    Thermar8® discourages the development of mold and moisture condensation behind the wall. Thermar8® absorbs little water, and has a permeability rating of 5.0 perms per square inch. Material with a perm rating of more than 1 is not considered a vapor barrier, and therefore does not trap vapor behind the wall.
  4. Fire Resistant
    Extensive tests by independent laboratories confirm excellent performance when exterior walls containing Thermar8® are exposed to a radiant heat source. In addition, the thermal support system completely fills the hollow void that exists behind conventional siding products, eliminating the "chimney effect" that can contribute to flammability.
  5. Repels Pests
    Thermar8® even repels termites with Preventol®, a patented additive made with a material that is safe for humans and pets.