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Nationwide Review from Mrs. Kumar

Project at a glance:

Location: Woodbridge, NJ

Project: Window Installation

For Mrs. Kumar, price says it best, so when she heard from Nationwide, she knew she found the perfect match for her window replacement project. Mrs. Kumar loved the professionalism that Nationwide brought to the project. The team worked fast, cleaned up, and did such a good job that she’ll call Nationwide for her next home project.

Nationwide Windows reviews like Mrs. Kumar’s all share the same characteristics: Nationwide provides the highest quality service matched with products like windows, siding, and doors that can’t be beat.

Video Transcript:

Nationwide: So, Mrs. Kumar, can you please tell us what work was done on your house?

Mrs. Kumar: We got all the rooms and living rooms windows done. We were in a bad shape. We wanted to get some good work done.

Nationwide: Great, and Nationwide was able to help you with that?

Mrs. Kumar: Yes, definitely.

Nationwide: Okay, now how did you hear about Nationwide Window and Siding?

Mrs. Kumar: We looked at the Clipper magazine. That’s where I found Nationwide.

Nationwide: And this was the first and only company you did look at?

Mrs. Kumar: Yes.

Nationwide: What attributes are most appealing to you from Nationwide? The price? The quality?

Mrs. Kumar: Everything was like perfect. The price was good and the time they took on the windows was fantastic. It was not long. They started the same day, they finished the same day, so that’s very good.

Nationwide: Would you describe your experience with the contractors? The installers?

Mrs. Kumar: The whole experience has been wonderful. We didn’t have any hard time contacting them or if there’s nobody I’d leave a message and they would definitely contact us. So we had a great experience.

Nationwide: Excellent. And they were sure to clean up after themselves? And make sure that there was no waste or anything?

Mrs. Kumar: Yeah, they cleaned. Yes, they did. They did a good job.

Nationwide: Great. Now if you could turn back the clock would you still choose Nationwide?

Mrs. Kumar: Yes, of course. We will!

Nationwide: Is there anything else you’d like to add as far as your experience?

Mrs. Kumar: It’s a wonderful experience. We will definitely work since I told you we are buying a new house, we actually bought a house so we are planning to get things done over and my first preference is Nationwide. So we’re looking forward to working with them more.

Nationwide: So on a scale of 1-5, what would you give Nationwide?

Mrs. Kumar: Five, of course!

Nationwide Review from Mr. Gong

Project at a glance:

Location: Clifton, NJ

Project: Window Installation | Roofing

Mr. Gong researched two other home improvement companies. Based on reputation, knowledge and performance, Nationwide Window made the cut. The work done was a total remodel of the front of his house and Mr. Gong could not have been happier with the final product. After long days and hard work the Nationwide Window team was proud to add this project to the long list of home renovations completed throughout New Jersey & New York.

Nationwide Window offers a vast range of window selections for customers to choose from. From architectural to bay windows Nationwide can create a beautiful transformation on your home. Nationwide offers customers the choice of energy saving & resistance glass window options to lower monthly heating/cooling costs as well as reduce the risk of damage. Learn more about how we do windows here

Video Transcript:

Mr. Gong researched two other home improvement companies. Based on reputation, knowledge and performance, Nationwide Window made the cut.

Nationwide: “What did you like the best about the entire remodeling experience?”

Mr. Gong: Look at it yourself, I’m just in awe.”

Mr. Weisbart’s review of Nationwide

Project at a glance:

Location: New Jersey

Project: Roofing

At Mr. Weisbart’s home the Nationwide Window team was tasked with a total roofing remodel. After carefully reviewing the best possible options on how to complete the project the team began to get to work. We began by removing the old roof and installing a brand new one. The best part of the work done? No more leaks! There was nothing but positive feedback from Mr. Weisbart and it was another job well done by the entire team.

Nationwide Window offers a wide range of shingles & colors including products to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our team of professionals will match your home with the perfect fit to make sure your family is safe and secure from the elements. Hear from homeowners who have been thrilled with our work in their Nationwide Window reviews

Video Transcript:

Nationwide asked Mr. Weisbart a few questions about his recent home remodeling project. Find out what Mr. Weisbart had to say about Nationwide.

Randy Weisbart explains his satisfaction with the work completed on his home…

Nationwide: “Randy, what work was done to your home?”

Mr. Weisbart: “To tear off the old roof and replace.”

Nationwide: “How did you hear about Nationwide Window?”

Mr. Weisbart: unable to transcribe

Nationwide: “How many remodeling contractors did you interview for your project?”

Mr. Weisbart: “ Two others, one was Sears and one was someone local, like an individual.”

Nationwide: Why did you choose Nationwide Window and Siding as your contractor?”

Mr. Weisbart: “I was very impressed with the presentation I was given and the quality of materials going to be used and just felt comfortable after talking to them.”

Nationwide: “What product attribute was the most appealing?”

Mr. Weisbart: “Probably the duration in the lifetime. Warranty was great.”

Nationwide: “Are you happy with your new roof?

Mr. Weisbart: I certainly am after seven months I haven’t had any issues and I’m confident that anything can happen because you know, somebody took care of it.”

Nationwide: “Nationwide live up to the promises they made?”

Mr. Weisbart: “Yes, they definitely did. When they were here originally they walked through my attic and went through all the rotting wood and when they replaced the roof they replaced all the rotting wood, perhaps even a little more and they kept to their price.”

Nationwide: “What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed since the job is completed?”

Mr. Weisbart: “No leaks.”

Nationwide: “Is their one reason that you would say Nationwide assured your expectations?”

Mr. Weisbart: “It’s because they, you know they told me what they were going to do and they did it.”

The Amorosso Family reviews Nationwide Window

Project at a glance:

Location: Garwood, New Jersey

Project: Siding

After dealing with several issues regarding their home, the Amorosso family turned to Nationwide Window for a complete siding renovation. After Nationwide completed this project the Amorossos quickly noticed lower monthly heating bills less draft, and a significant reduction in wind noise. The family was incredibly pleased with the professional, friendly staff, as well as the presentation of our crew.

Nationwide Window offers a huge selection of colors and styles of siding for customers to choose from including cedar shakes, insulated siding, standard siding and more. Our highly trained team with transform your home and create a seamless look you’ll be proud of. Read our Nationwide Window reviews to see the proof for yourself.

Video Transcript:

Nationwide Window completed a siding project at the Amorosso home in Garwood, NJ. The family has already noticed lower heating bills and less noise on windy days.

The Amorosso Family talks about how pleased they are with the work done on their home…

Mr. Amorosso: “We had to call two companies, Nationwide was one and the presentation that they made of the job when the came here was much better, more knowledgeable so we decided to go with them.

Mrs. Amorosso: “People were very friendly”

Mr. Amorosso: The house looks 100 times better now than it did before. They were professional, they came in and everything was good.”

Mrs. Amorosso: “Customer service is excellent, very good crew, we’re very happy.” 

Review by The Tursi Family

Project at a glance:

Location: New York

Project: Roofing | Siding | Window Installation

We love working on all different types of homes, including historic looking ones. Renovations on an older home can be tricky and sometimes difficult to complete. The Tursi family’s home however was an exception. Nationwide Window provided services in Roofing, Siding and Window Installation all to create a beautiful transformation on their historic looking home. Another amazing job completed by the Nationwide Team!

Nationwide Window goes above and beyond in every service we offer our customers. Our team of highly trained professionals are skilled in roofing, siding, window installation & more. You can trust Nationwide to take care of your home as if it was our own. Learn more about the exceptional standard of service we provide by reading our customer’s Nationwide Window reviews

Video Transcript:

The Tursi family narrowed it down to three companies and chose Nationwide Window & Siding based on its reputation, knowledge of the industry and ability to remodel all aspects of their home by using only Nationwide.

Nationwide Window helped restore and maintain the historic look of the Tursi home with new roofing, siding and windows.

Cathy Tursi explains how pleased she is with her new windows…

Cathy Tursi: “We decided to go with the vinyl windows for a number of reasons actually one is its maintenance free, no painting. Another reason is again, we have existing windows currently that have the grid and they were able to match it perfectly to what we currently have. It’s very easy to clean the windows. (Cathy Tursi explains how to easily pop out the newly installed windows)” 

Cathy Tursi: “Overall the quality of windows are great. This little area gets pretty cold in the winter time so it really keeps the cold air from coming in.”

Customer review from Mr. Nixon

Project at a glance:

Location: Hamilton, New Jersey

Project: Siding

After completing this project in central New Jersey we were able to talk to the homeowner, Gary Nixon on his thoughts about the job and how Nationwide Window performed. The feedback we received was nothing but excellent. He was specifically happy with the reduction in draft and noise that he previously was dealing with before our team came in. In addition to the change inside his home, our crew remodeled the outside with new siding.

Nationwide Window and Siding doesn’t just make your home look good on the outside. We make sure the product you’re paying for benefits the inside of your home as well. Our siding & window services can provide draft and noise reduction that can lower monthly heating & cooling bills as well as overall comfort. Learn more on how we do that here

Video Transcript:

After researching over 5 different companies, the client, Gary Nixon chose Nationwide Window for it’s reputation, professionalism and ability to meet the needs of its clients.

How did Nationwide Window help Mr. Nixon?

Mr. Nixon: “The house has become a lot more quieter and I like I said before I could feel a difference in the winter time especially with the wind blowing with it is today. I don’t feel a lot of that draft that I used to feel and the sound has definitely gotten quieter in the house.”

Mr. Nixon discusses the Nationwide Staff

Mr Nixon: “I talked to one of the general managers that there were little things I needed to be done just to let the guys know on the job and everything I asked them to do they did and they cleaned up very well.”

“Overall I’m very pleased, happy with the accommodations and the product. I would definitely recommend them, we’re very happy.”

Nationwide Window Reviews - Mr. Nixon
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