Double Hung Windows

At Nationwide Window & Siding we carry 3 different lines of windows.  We do this to fit budget, style, taste and features and benefits that our clients are looking for.  Our top of the line Ultra Series window is the most feature rich window in our line. This series is made from our heaviest extrusion for greater thermal performance. We offer interior laminates in maple, cherry and oak finish. In addition to the interior finish options, this window line is also available in a white interior with a bronze or clay exterior foil but not mixed together.

More Viewing Area

  • Most replacement window manufacturers use 7" to 9.5" of viewing area for their frames and sashes
  • Our Ultra Windows offer a more streamlined sash and frame to give you more viewing area!
  • When compared to other vinyl windows on the market today, a traditional 3ft. x 5 ft. Ultra Window offers almost 2 square feet more viewing area!

Foam Filled Frames and Sashes

  • Added R value to ensure warmth stays in your home in the winter and outside in the summer
  • Noticeable noise reduction - Perfect if you live on a busy street

Inhibitor™ Weather Stripping

Our Inhibitor™ weather stripping eliminates air infiltration. This is one of the best weather-tight protections against the elements, plus it's a highly effective hypo-allergenic barrier. Fade resistant.

Flush Mounted Cam-Action Lock

Our specially designed flush mounted cam-action locks have keepers screwed in from the front of the window for added strength and beauty. This is a heavy duty die-cast lock, coated for protection. Larger windows get 2 locks. These are the best locks in the industry, called the self-aligning 180 degree cam lock, which you can close with minimal effort, but you receive maximum protection. It takes 400 pounds of pressure to pull our lock out of place. Only available on the Ultra window.