Resistance Glass System

ResistanceLogo.jpgIn winter, the Resistance® Glass System transmits the sun's visible light and directs solar shortwave infrared energy into the home. At the same time, its reflect longs wave infrared (heat) energy -- like that which comes from a home's heating system -- back into the room, helping to keep homes warmer. Resistance glass also keeps the room side glass surface of a window warmer than uncoated glass, helping to eliminate that drafty feeling near windows and sliding glass doors. It also reduces formation of condensation on the interior perimeter of the glass surface, which can damage the window sash.

Because Resistance® glass also reduces relative heat gain, windows made with this glass help keep homes cooler in summer, too. The result is year-round energy efficiency and comfort. The Resistance® glass system has a very similar look of traditional glass inside and out, so it is appropriate for any home design. The glass is transparent and barely visible, permitting high amounts of sunlight in and allowing interior colors to remain true. The glass also reduces transmittance of ultraviolet light, which contributes to the fading of fabrics, rugs, draperies and furniture.

The Resistance® Glass System has revolutionized the industry by making an insulated glass unit that performs better than 5 panes of glass put together. Resistance even performs better than the traditional Low-E and Argon and even better than fiberglass insulation that is stuffed in between your walls.

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